Irish Blessing

June 2020 - As life in Australia returns to normal, choral singing remains risky. It will be a while until we resume. So to keep the flame alive, here’s our lockdown version of the song we sing every week at the close of our rehearsals.

Some of the comments:

"I've been moved me to tears. Breathtaking, soothing; a consolation during this time. "
"Goodness ... , I couldn’t stop smiling. That was absolutely brilliant! "
"Well done – lovely singing – clever you are all together while apart!"
"This is so beautiful! Always moves me to tears thinking of the time you sent us a CD and we listened to Irish Blessing with Nana while she was in hospice. Happy tears... your songs bring so much peace and warmth. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful and unique way to share this song."
"That is just gorgeous!! What a great bunch of voices. Who put the recording together? Thank you for sending. And I LOVED the dog in the final shot "hilarious."
"Inspiring! This was so nice to listen to. Nicely done and much needed??"
"It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen."
"That was so well done and great to see you in action!!"
"Nailed it! What part does the dog sing? "Beautiful Dad, well done. I like the expression on the dog’s face at the end"
"That is AMAZING and WONDERFUL. Thank you for sharing!!"
"Thank you for sending that to us. BEAUTIFUL!"
"Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful performance with us. We loved it — so well done !!!"
"Love this. As a US citizen, I thank you and Sydney Harmony for keeping us all in your hearts and voices."
"Enjoyed it. Have sung it myself in a choir on occasion."
"What a great idea to put that together. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
"This is wonderful! Thanks ."
"Thanks for sending this. We enjoyed it very much."
"That was really great!"
"This is exactly what I needed after a manic pandemic Monday. Thank you so much for sharing!"
"Bravi tutti!!!! What part are you singing?? Great job!
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