Like to Sing?

Whether you're a singer of great experience, been a member of a choir or even if you've had no formal musical background - if you love to sing, then you're invited to join us for a rehearsal and try out to become a member of Sydney Harmony.
For more information contact:

John Nicholls: 0431 822 570,

You're welcome to visit one of our rehearsals and have a listen...

We're always looking for new voices to add to our ensemble, so if you've ever considered joining a dynamic a cappella choir or chorus and you have an interest in learning to become a better singer and performer, then now is the perfect time to fulfill your musical dreams and come sing with us!

If you're a guy who loves to sing, then you're welcome to try out.

So what's the process?

At the beginning... will be introduced to our Musical Director. In private, the MD will ask you to sing a few simple melodies and to run through a couple of basic vocal exercises. This will allow her to assess your vocal proficiency and determine your voice range - Tenor, Lead, Baritone or Bass.

Then...'ll be introduced to the appropriate Section Leader and lent the sheet music for the songs we will sing on the night. You may be invited to sing with us straight away.

Within the first couple of rehearsals... will be given access to learning materials for the audition song which you will need to learn as part of the membership process.

On the 4th week you attend rehearsal...
...we require a financial commitment. The treasurer will introduce himself at this point.

Whenever you are ready... will sing the audition song, again in private, for the Musical Director or her nominee. The MD will listen for accuracy, and quality. Passing this assessment, which may take a number of attempts, allows you to join Sydney Harmony as a full member.

As a full member... will be given access to our full repertoire of songs and learning materials. You will get to sing as part of the chorus each rehearsal. By following the expert instruction given by our Musical Director - assisted by your Section Leader & other members of the Music Team - and by listening to those around you within the ensemble, you will have the opportunity to improve your vocal technique and soon come to a better understanding of our interpretation of the songs - all of which will help you to sing your part. Qualification for individual songs will allow you to sing with the chorus at public performances and in competitions.

Once you join the chorus... can expect to be welcomed as part of a highly motivated group of men who love to sing and who, by striving for continual improvement, enjoy contributing to the ongoing musical success of one of the finest men's a cappella choruses in the country.

We expect you to regularly attend rehearsals, be punctual and to learn the words and music of our repertoire songs as soon as possible outside of rehearsals. We ask that you share our aim of seeking to achieve excellence in our singing, vocal production, musicality and stage presentation.

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