Looking for a new vocal challenge?
Sydney Harmony is embarking on an exciting new project: a mixed chorus that welcomes singers of all genders. This lively group will focus on barbershop and a cappella music to stir the heart and enrich the soul. Our goal is to create a positive, supportive group that aims high for musical excellence.
For more information contact:

Xavier Hinton: 0490252514,

When and where do you have rehearsals?

We welcome visitors and prospective members to this project on the
1st Monday of every month.
7:30pm-10:00pm at the Ron Dyer Centre

42 Ridge St
North Sydney
(near the corner of Miller Street)
Cost for each rehearsal will be $20, payable by Cash or by Card at the door.

If you'd like to join in and attend our next monthly rehearsal, email our Membership team. We can get you up to speed with an audition song.


What happens at a typical rehearsal?

We begin with physical and vocal warm-ups led by one of our Music Team members, followed by musical skill-building with our director, Vicki Dwyer.

We’ll then work on improving personal vocal production and performance skills as we sing through the song(s) as learnt that month. Under the guidance of our MD and Music Team we'll continually be developing the chorus sound, with a focus on the musical interpretation of the songs we perform. We'll also learn a tag or two on the spot: short musical gems in 4 (or more!) parts.

At the end of the night you'll be given an assessment task to be completed during the weeks before next month's rehearsal - such as a new song to learn or a musical interpretation from our repertoire. Any updates about the project, including potential upcoming performances and contests, will be announced during the evening.

The rehearsal winds up at 10:00pm, after which there is usually some casual tag singing and social catch-up. The result - a great musical night!

Is there a certain musical proficiency expected?

Although reading sheet music is not a requirement it is definitely an advantage. You need to be confident in your vocal range and have a good "ear". Teach tracks are provided with the sheet music to help you learn the songs at home. 

Monthly Assessment tasks are required to be completed by all singers. We'll provide all the necessary details at rehearsal. Personalised feedback on each monthly assessment will be given to singers by the MD or another member of the Music Team.

We're looking forward to welcoming you at our monthly rehearsals!


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