Drop by for a look and listen
We welcome visitors and prospective members to our rehearsals every Monday night
from 7:30pm at the Ron Dyer Centre 

42 Ridge St (near cnr of Miller and Ridge Streets)
North Sydney
(located behind St Mary's church)
For more information contact:

John Nicholls: 0431 822 570,

Interested in singing with us regularly?
  What happens at a typical rehearsal?

We begin with a brief physical warm-up led by one of our Music Team members, followed by vocal exercises and musical skill building under expert guidance from our musical directorVicki Dwyer. Throughout the night we work on improving vocal production and presentation skills as we sing both new songs and older repertoire - the focus of the rehearsal is dependant on upcoming events or contests we may be preparing for.

Although the chorus works hard during rehearsal there's always time for some fun! We usually get to sing a tag or two (little gems of music taught on the spot, learnt by ear and sung for fun and sheer musical joy) and often we have quartets of guys from within the chorus step out and sing. From time to time we'll watch a video or listen to great vocal harmony performances from around the world to inspire us and help to develop our critical ear.

Rehearsal winds up at 10:00pm, after which there is usually some casual tag singing and the inevitable social catch-up at the nearby hotel for anyone willing to join in. End result - a great musical night! 
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